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Printer Enclosures

Dust and Dirt Protection

Bar Code Printer enclosures provide a positive air pressure environment. The product is manufactured using ¼″ thick ABS plastic. Keeping dust and dirt out prolongs the life of the print head and reduces costly downtime.

The standard base cabinet accommodates most Zebra, Datamax, Intermec, Sato, and Printronix printers.

Each base cabinet includes a label exit door that is configured to the specific printer. This allows the best printer protection. If security is an issue a keyed lock option is available for all doors.

For office environments where noise is an issue, an acoustical foam option significantly reduces printer noise. There are many printer enclosure customization options available, see the printer enclosure customization tab below.

Available sound insulation.


Part # Description
QBC182418-502 Printer Cabinet
QBCDOOR-#### Printer specific door
Example: QBCDOOR-ZM600 for a Zebra ZM600 printer
QBCLOCKS All Doors Locking
QBCFOAM Acoustical Foam


Qube can customize bar code printer enclosures to meet customer specific requirements.

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