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Computer Consoles that provide NEMA 12 protection with an Internal Locking Pull-Out Keyboard tray. Fan and filter kit is INCLUDED. Unit comes with either skid plates or casters, PLEASE SPECIFY when ordering. The CN1500 is the same as the CN1200, but without the fan/filter, which provides Nema 4X (washdown) protection. Black ABS plastic is corrosion resistant and provides a significant savings option when compared to stainless steel.

The CN622424-502 provides NEMA 12 protection and accommodates a flat screen monitor. A writing surface in integral to the design.


Part # Color / Material
CN1200-502 BLACK ABS Nema 12
CN1500-502 BLACK ABS Nema 4X
CN622424-502 BLACK ABS Nema 12


CN1200 / 1500-502 ×
CN622424-502 ×