Qube has been manufacturing standard and custom plastic enclosures since 1993. Our units are highly customizable and some of our more popular enclosures include CPU cabinets, WiFi router enclosures, and laser printer enclosures. Many of our plastic enclosures can be mounted to walls or tables. Other custom fabrication pieces can be made to hold multiple units, such as a computer and printer.

All Qube enclosures are made to order and typically ship in less than ten business days.

Qube Plastic Enclosures Are:

  • Economical: Qube enclosures are less expensive than traditional stainless steel and fiberglass enclosures.
  • Durable: Qube enclosures can withstand extreme environmental conditions and protect your equipment.
  • Customizable: Qube enclosures can be made to fit all equipment, no matter what size or shape.

More Details About Qube Quality Products:

  • Less expensive than fiberglass and stainless steel enclosures and consoles (by 50%!).
  • Corrosion resistant and insulated, due to the use of high performance plastics.
  • Completely customizable to meet your needs and specs.
  • 100% reliable, thanks to CAD-CAM technology.
  • Product integrity and appearance similar to injection molded parts without the need for large runs or expensive dies and set-ups.
  • Less maintenance required on enclosed equipment.
  • Some units available with multiple door access points with locks.